Alice Musgrove

SSVFD Auxiliary Member

Alice Musgrove served as a member of the Auxiliary at the SSVFD for 63 years, helping firefighters, other personnel at the station, and the community at-large.

She joined in the mid-1950’s to be alongside her husband, Calvin Musgrove, who worked as a career firefighter. The main task Musgrove engaged in during her tenure in the Auxiliary was running the Canteen to feed the firefighters while on duty.

She fondly recalls hosting Lions Club dinners at the station every month with her fellow auxiliary members. “We had committees that took turns preparing the dinners each month. [The Auxiliary Members] would come up to the fire station and cook all day to prepare for the dinner; it was nice to work with the ladies to help out in the community,” Musgrove said.

She also participated in fundraising activities such as bake sales in order to raise funds for equipment for the station. In 1988, the Auxiliary published a cookbook entitled “Appetite Extinguishers,” a compilation of her own delicious recipes, as well as those of other members.

“I stayed active in the fire department all those years because it was very much a community thing and my husband wanted me to be involved since he was so active in the fire department,” Musgrove said.